David Kopf

WDV 205

What does a CSS preprocessor do?

CSS preprocessors are scripting languages that extend the default capabilities of CSS.

What are the advantages of using a CSS Preprocessor?

  1. Nested syntax.
  2. Ability to define variables.
  3. Ability to define mixins.
  4. Mathematical functions.
  5. Operational functions (such as “lighten” and “darken”)
  6. Joining of multiple files

What are the disadvantages or issues you need to consider when using a CSS Preprocessor?

  1. Debugging is harder.
  2. Compilation slows down development.
  3. They can produce very large CSS files.
  4. Maintainence and overengineering.
  5. Tooling and developer convenience.
  6. Saving generated files (or not).
  7. Capability and understanding.

List at least FIVE CSS Preprocessors currently available

  1. Sass.
  2. Less.
  3. CSS-Crush.
  4. Myth.
  5. Stylus.

Research Web Development jobs

I looked at 10-12 Web Development jobs in the area and did not see any that listed CSS preprocessors as desired or requrired skills.