Urban Gardens is a full-service landscaping and outdoor living company located in Chicago, Illinois. We can help you in every stage of the process of transforming your yard from initial design and final installation to maintaining the perfect lawn for you. We specialize in residential landscapes and outdoor living, and offer a variety of services. Our installations of rooftop gardens for the past 15 years,in particular, give us a renewed appreciation for our city’s

Today many elevated surfaces can be built-out to create fantastic outdoor garden rooms and unique living spaces.

Rooftop Gardens rooftop gardens

Boulder walls are a popular way to get the benefits and function of a block retaining wall, while maintaining a more natural and beautiful look.

boulder walls Boulder Walls

skyline, our sun and air, our weather, and the infinite possibilities for creating gardens and living spaces above the city. We continually are expanding our knowledge base about rooftops, and CSG can now offer all the services and requirements for a rooftop garden — from structural analysis, to city permit generation, to design, construction, planting and lighting, and finally to the finishing out of the rooftop décor and ongoing maintenance services.

A patio comes with a host of benefits: a great grilling area, a place to hold birthday parties, graduation parties, and family gatherings, and a greater connection to the outdoors.

 Patios Patios

Outdoor water features add a pleasant aesthetic to any property, whether it’s incorporated into a home’s backyard or on an office’s surrounding landscape.

Water Features Water Features