Designing Beautiful Landscapes For Chicago

Specializing in rooftop gardens!

We see the garden space as an outdoor room, an extension of the home, and consider it, in effect, an open-air room addition. An exciting new generation of materials, products, technologies and installation techniques for the garden allows us to create a flow between indoors and outdoors as never before. We have structured our company as a full-service urban garden design/build firm

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We are very excited about rooftop gardening and the evolving rooftop living aesthetic. No longer are penthouse gardens only for the super-rich. Today many elevated surfaces can be built-out to create fantastic outdoor garden rooms and unique living spaces. A rooftop garden is both similar to, and quite different from, a traditional landscape garden. Conditions on rooftops, garage roofs, decks and terraces can be extreme, but with the proper design and selection of the rooftop components a surprising number of approaches are possible on a rooftop.

As with rooftop gardens, an urban landscape can be an incredible canvas on which to work. Frequently modest in scale, with limited accessibility, city gardens pose a unique set of challenges to the landscape designer and installers. But when the project is completed, and a small jewel of a garden is created, hidden away, we feel we have been successful in our work.